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For Individuals or Teams

Build Connections with a Modern CRM

Neutron is a modern CRM that helps you focus on what you need to do next. Using Neutron you can create Action Plans and keep a detailed history of all contact, so you never lose place of what you have done and your next actions for each Client. Creating your Neutron Account is fast and easy. Join now and start using your new account within minutes, for free.

Made for Mobile

Neutron works great on mobiles and tablets, as well as your laptop or desktop!

Use Anywhere

Cloud Hosting means you can use Neutron anywhere in the world. In an office or on the go.


Create and plan your Social Media Marketing, right from your CRM.

Free to Use

Join now and use Neutron for FREE. No setup fees, just join and go!


Neutron helps you by automating the tedious "busy work".


Customise your account by installing Modules for different purposes.

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Always Innovating

We're always looking to improve Neutron and add new features.




Segment your Client List with our super-fast, easy to use, tagging system. Tag individual or large groups of Clients quickly and easily to produce very flexible segments to target.

Quick Scheduling

Scheduling in Neutron is about as quick, easy, and painless as it gets. See everything you have scheduled in one place, on all your devices, and make changes on the go.

Email Marketing

A staple in any decent CRM, Neutron has the ability to send beautiful marketing emails, and keep track of them with extensive statistics and metrics.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Neutron will actively provide feedback to help you work out what details you need to focus on, what you should work on right now, and what to do next.

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